Conditions for participation 2020

Art studio “The white dolphin” and

The site “Az ucha muzika” (I learn music)


II Music virtual contest “Az ucha muzika”

Purpose: To discover encourages and promotes musical talents.


  • Pop and jazz singing
  • Classic vocal
  • Folklore singing
  • Instrumental music – Classic
  • Instrumental music – Folklore
  • Instrumental composition
  • Song composition

Age groups:

  1. Up to 9 years old
  2. 10 – 12 years old
  3. 13 – 16 years old
  4. 17 – 19 years old
  5. Over 20 years of age


  1. Soloists
  2. An ensemble of up to eight people
  3. Choirs or orchestras

Age is determined by 15.08.2019 and proven by birth cerificate or passport.

In ensembles, orchestras and choirs, the age is determined by the oldest participant.

Composite songs must have the correct text content.

Compositions must not be submitted to another contest so far.

The contest is held in two rounds.

The first round is a selection. Performers apply for a song or a piece performed on concert, contest or made for the contest a demo record without being processed. The instrumental of the songs is without a leading melody covering the vocal.

Composers send a demo record.

Once evaluated, the list of participants for the second round will be posted on the site and on the Facebook page.

The Second Tour is held on the site of the You Tube. The videos are uploaded to the Internet and compete. Scoring is determined by the number of views, likes and comments of the videos. 1 point is awarded for viewing, likes are given 5 points, for a positive comment, 15 points are given.

Deadline for submitting an application form – 31.07.2020

Participants continuing a second round will be notified by August 3rd 2020

Deadline for submission of second round materials – 15.08.2020

Note: Performance in the first round can be presented in the second round also.

Works in the composition category if approved automatically participate in the second round.

The material submitted for the second round will be published on August 20 and will be available for viewing by November 15. On 30 November the winners will be announced.

Required repertoire for second round:

For Singers – 2 songs: One song is a native language, the other – of his choice

For Instrumentalists – 2 pieces: A work by a National Composer, the other of his choice.

For Composers: One piece of work.

Awards of the competent jury: First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth place.

A special prize from the site I study music “Az ucha muzika”

A special prize from the Art studio “The white dolphin”.

Special prize of the Children jury.

Participation fee for those admitted to the Second Round:

Soloists BGN 35
Ensembles BGN 35
Choirs and orchestras BGN 35

paid to:



BG51 UBBS 8002 1071 1509 40

Reason for translation: Contest fee for …………………………………    (name,category,age group of the partisipant)

Download the Application Form HERE

For questions: tel: +359885701221 Irina Dimitrova

Or in the group in  Facebook:


The competition reserves the right to make changes.